Kill Team Tyranid

I am building my Tyranid Kill Team.

This was not a planned development but more of the fact that as my son started to play Warhammer 40,000 I wanted to have suitable ‘bad guys’ for him to fight (other than the plague guard).

Tyranids are great bad guys. They look alien, there are lots of them, they make great cannon fodder. Their ranged weapons are pretty flimsy and with a good terrain set up that allows for choke points and kill zones, they provide a bit of a threat, but can be dispatched fairly easily.

When playing with my son I want to make sure that he is enjoying himself. If he learns to enjoy the game he will be back to play more. It’s also good for him to develop confidence in his playing, and his understanding of the game system. This means I will be willfully throwing games. Not by cheating, but by stacking the odds against me in terms of terrain and model count / power level.

On the plus side, putting together a Tyranid force for games of 40k with my son means I will have the models I want for a Tyranid kill team.

To begin with I have picked up the following:

  • The Whispering Dark Tyranid Kill Team starter set – this gets you some scenery and 8 Genestealers, along with tokens and strategy cards for Tyranids. In that regard it is very good value and is the basis of my Kill Team.
  • I added to this one box each of Termagants and Hormagaunts.
  • A set of Tyranid Warriors

I will be using the Termagants and Hormagaunt first as they are lower ‘threat-level’ and then introduce Genestealer and Tyranid Warriors as the ‘big-bad’.

The new Elites expansion for Kill Team has thrown up some very interesting options for additional units to try out, I have my eye on some Raveners and some Tyrant Guard or Hive Guard.

We have a Kill Team game day coming up in June, I’m very much looking forward to getting these models onto the gaming table.

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