Visiting Frostgrave with my kids

Frostgrave 1

I have recently started playing Frostgrave with my two kids.

I’ve had Frostgrave for over a year now and have even managed one or two games with friends, it’s a great skirmish miniatures game in a high fantasy setting. The game uses a d20 system, but the mechanic is very straightforward of having a contested roll for everything. e.g. you roll to attack and another player rolls to defend, add your modifiers to the roll and the highest number wins. As such it is a quick system to run once you know how it works and you can keep things moving quickly without referring to rulebooks or tables.

Introduction to rules

For kids though there can be a lot of complexity to a ruleset for a skirmish game and it’s good to plan for this. I’ve found when introducing the kids to games it is always best to reduce the rules down to a simple version and then add layers of complexity as you go. So I keep it simple for the moment, not worrying about combat modifiers or advanced rules. We are now starting to add some more nuanced rules and my eldest is picking up the rules as we go.

Cooperative play

Gaming is always better when we are all winning. Osprey have a number of published adventures for Frostgrave that provide for cooperative play. There is both the Dark Alchemy scenario and Perilous Dark.

I take the roll of a Games Master, helping the kids along, explaining the rules, setting out options for them, and taking control of the monsters and villains. The kids play against the challenge on the board and take great pleasure in coming to each other’s aid.

Frostgrave 2

The game also opens up some other lobbying aspects. Miniatures collecting and painting and scenery building.


There are no set miniatures for Frostgrave, the game encourages you to use what ever miniatures you want, having said that the official Frostgrave miniatures from Northstar Figures are great value – a box of wizards and soldiers will have you set up for a couple of war bands. The undead minis set also gets you a good group of generic bad guy minis to use.

Having said that there are a whole load of creatures and monsters in Frostgrave that are not covered in the range of official minis, or where you may prefer an alternative. We have had some fun browsing the range of minis at Reaper Minis to find figures we can use in our games.

Frostgrave 3


Frostgrave is played on a small enough space (typically 3’x3′) but really likes lots of terrain. The setting is a ruined ancient city in a frozen land. While I was able to draw on scenery pieces I have from other games, we are also using this opportunity to look at specific scenery pieces to fit our game board (mat).

I ordered some terrain from TTCombat there are some great scenery kits there, at great prices. You definitely get good value for money, however be aware that there is a lot of work to build the kits. You can buy pre-made and pre-painted terrain, but it is more expensive. Having said that I think the models from TTCombat are great kits and provide a lot of options as they are modular kits.

Frostgrave Scenery 1

Frostgrave is a big hit with the kids, and we have a lot of fun playing together. I’m looking forward to seeing how they get on as the scenery comes together and they get more familiar with the more advanced rules I introduce.

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