Enemy sighted, to battle!

We played our first game of Warhammer 40,000 9th edition, it was a bloody affair.

The latest edition of 40k includes a campaign system called ‘Crusade’ which has you take a few units in a small force and over the course of a number of encounters they gain combat experience and develop skills. It’s very much a narrative style of play as the encounters allow you to tell a story of your combat force and characters, this very much suits the style of play that my friends and I enjoy.

Our first game was between Orcs (run by Stewart) and Blood Angels (run by me). We played a 25 power level game so they were small forces. The game scenario we played was Sweep and Clear, which required the forces to grab a number of objectives and hold them.

Given the size of the board, the objective tokens were placed in something of a group which led to a very bloody conflict in the centre of the board as the two forces slammed into each other.

Blood Angels took the win. But only just. Having tabled the orcs in turn 3. It left them the opportunity to secure the objectives and close out the game.

There were some really important key moments that swung the game and really could have gone either way. Some highlights included:

  • The Primaris Outrider bikes squad slamming into a unit of boyz and cutting them down, although I learnt a lesson that this can leave a unit horribly exposed.
  • The Primaris Outrider bikes squad being cut to pieces by a unit of Burna Boyz and the Orc Warboss who is an absolute monster.
  • The Orc Deff Dread charging into my squad of intercessors (see below) and absolutely tearing them apart.
  • A counter charge from by Primaris Lieutenant where I threw a load of command points into strategems into what was a must-win combat round. The Lieutenant defeated the Deff Dread to avenge the squad of intercessors. (If I failed to kill the Deff Dread that Lieutenant was toast, and that would have signaled the end of the game for me).
  • My Eradicators were up there with the Lieutenant for MVP, having focussed their fire on the squad of Orc bikes and wiping them out, they went on to fire overwatch at the Orc Warboss when charged. It came down to one dice roll to see if they could take him out of the fight, and the emperor was smiling on them as they rolled a 6.

The battle took a heavy toll on both forces and the only thing that is certain is that they will soon meet again on the battlefield.

We agreed that for the next encounter we will take to the skies for a game of Aeronautica Imperialis to see who can gain aerial superiority. The winner of that game will go into the next game of Warhammer 40k with an extra Command Point.

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