Lockdown 2: Painting Fyreslayers

Time to get some Fyreslayers painted as we enter another few weeks of lockdown.

Update: Results of my efforts can be viewed here.

As we enter into lockdown, a few of us have decided to focus on a project to help us better manage the whole lockdown experience. A simple enough challenge is to paint up a Warcry warband.

Warcry is a skirmish game by Games Workshop set in the Age of Sigmar setting, so there are plenty of different races and models options to work with. One of the benefits of Warcry, as a skirmish game, is the low model count needed for a warband. Usually in the 8-12 models range depending on the faction you choose.

I’ve decided to go with Fyreslayers – a dwarven faction. From a game perspective I don’t think they are particularly competitive, in part due to a low movement rating. I always find in miniature games that movement is extremely important. Despite this I have always enjoyed collecting and playing Dwarven armies.

Over the coming 6 weeks I have 8-10 dwarfs to paint. But I’m planning to go beyond that by also tackling some of my Warcry scenery backlog. If I can get a set of scenery painted along with the warband it will be a good project to complete over the lockdown.

It will be great to share the photographs of the progress and the finished pieces with the other players in our whatsapp group. The plan is then to organise a one day narrative competition at some point next year where our lockdown warbands can compete for honor and glory!

I should mention, in our last lockdown I painted up a Sylvaneth warband and really enjoyed that project. I fell short in getting the scenery piece completed with them. If I can get ahead of myself on the Dwarfs and their scenery set, I ‘ll have a look at trying to chip away at the Sylvaneth scenery.

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