To the skies!

I’ve been working on some Aeronautica Imperialis models over the past week and really enjoyed painting them. Aeronautica is a game I very much enjoy, but don’t get to play all that often. It falls into that category of games of being ‘niche’, even though it is made by Games Workshop.

The game plays very well, as with many games the rules seem a bit tough to follow at the outset but once you start playing the game you find it runs really smoothly. It’s also a game where it is very difficult to over think the strategy, it’s very fast paced and because of the high degree of movement and maneuverability of the models – any strategy you bring to the table tends to fall apart quickly.

The balance is also interesting as all attacks require a 5+ to hit. With the odds against you it’s a good approach to invest in attacks that wield a lot of dice so that you are fishing for those 5’s and 6’s. The damage rolls are more varied with some attacks adding a bonus damage on a particular roll (5+ or 6 etc).

Ultimately it’s about managing your fire arcs, you have to move your planes to cover the areas where you think the opponent will move to. If you manage to position correctly you then have a good chance of shooting down an opposition model.

As it’s a ‘niche’ game I am collecting two forces and painting them up. Hopefully this means I can invite some new players to the table and give them a ready made force to use for a game.

I’ve been working on the Ork jets over the past week and I’m really happy with the result. I wanted to have these models painted, although I consider myself an ‘Imperial navy’ player. Given the number of models I wanted a quick way of painting them and I knew I wanted to try a yellow scheme for the main body of the force. I decided to try out the Army Painter range of paints.

I used the Primer spray Daemonic Yellow. At first I really thought this was too bright a shade and was applied too thick (that’s on me). I actually left the models for a number of weeks until finally deciding to tackle them again, I’m glad I did. Applying a coat of Soft Tone shade (again from the Army Painter) followed by Plate Mail on the metal areas and Dark Shade over the metal – really brought the painting together. For the windscreen I went from an Electric Blue to Ice Storm with a stroke of Matt White.

This was my first time painting some minis like this entirely with the Army Painter range of paints and shades. I really enjoyed using them and find them a great system and product to use. I would really quickly recommend them. It is a different way of painting though and required a shift in my thinking of how to paint the model. The role the washes play in the system is different to how the citadel shades work. In many cases the shades work to enrich the layer paint along with providing definition in shading.

I’ve continued the experiment painting more of my Ork planes with

Looking forward to getting some time in the skies of Aeronautica Imperialis after the lockdown.

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