Warcry: Fyreslayers march to the Eightpoints

This is an update on how my Fyreslayers warband worked out for Warcry. I should disclose this is now the start of my Age of Sigmar Fyreslayers army (1,000 points) which I will continue working on over the coming months.

Back to Warcry and my Fyreslayers …

All in all I’m really happy with these. The first 70-80% of these models were really quick to do and then the remaining 20-30% took a lot more time. From a table top perspective I’m really happy with them and am looking forward to taking them on some adventures.

A few things I did for these guys to speed things up. I made a mix of roughly 40:60 Darkoath Flesh contrast paint : Contrast medium. I use an Army Painter paint mixing bottle for this. This is my flesh tone paint which I use over a wraithbone prime on the miniatures. The Army Painter bottle is a dropper bottle so I can control the amount of paint I use. I find this mix gives a nice pale tone but still gets into the recess. Beyond that I tended to follow the Warhammer TV video on painting Fyreslayers.

I also managed to get a full set of scenery done. I definitely find painting scenery to be a bit of a slog but the end result is worth it as there is no comparison between a board with grey plastic and a board with painted scenery.

Looking forward to getting all these guys onto the table in some Warcry games (and just in time for Warcry catacombs!)

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