Aeronautica Imperialis – Choosing a campaign

An interesting question popped up on the facebook group from a player looking to start playing Aeronautica Imperialis: what campaign setting should they go for based on factions and also the different missions available?

The player wanted to collect Orks and Imperial Navy, so the obvious answer was to go for Rynn’s World Air War campaign book as it contains the rules for both factions.

But, as we see, it’s not so simple.

The Taros Air War also contains some rules for Imperial Navy and for Astra Militarum. It’s worth noting that “Astra Militarum and Imperial Navy aircraft can be used together in the same force should you wish”. (Taros Air War Campaign Book, Pg. 80)

The Taros Air War Campaign Book contains rules for the following Imperial Navy aircraft:

  • Avenger Strike Fighter
  • Lightning and Lightning Strike Fighter
  • Imperial Arvus Lighter

The Rynn’s World War Campaign Book contains rules for the following Imperial Navy Aircraft:

  • Thunderbolt Fighter
  • Tunderbolt Fury Fighter
  • Marauder Bomber
  • Marauder Destroyer

For Ground Defence models, the current options for Imperial Forces are the ones available through Forgeworld – the rules for these are found in the Taros Air War Campaign book.

So things are a bit more complicated for Imperial Navy at the moment given that rules for the model range are split across two books. Really if you are leaning into Imperial Navy and wish to collect everything then you will need to get all the books. For Tau its more straightforward and you can go for Taros Air War Campaign Book for all the (current) rules for Tau.

For Orks you would need the Rynn’s World Air War Campaign Book for all their rules, with the exception of the Mega Bomber from Forgeworld – which comes packaged with the rules for that mini. One thing to consider is that for the Ground Defence miniatures for Orks, while the rules are in Rynn’s World Air War Campaign Book, the miniatures are out of production. So for new players this could pose a challenge. You could of course use proxies or kit-bash your own (very orky).

This brought us on to what scenarios are available in each campaign book. At first glance there are a few more scenarios in Rynn’s (7 scenarios) as opposed to Taros (5). Each have the Dogfight scenario – straight up fight – plus additional specific ones.

Looking at the Taros Campaign, of the additional 4 scenarios, 3 of them require the defender to take Ground Defences and 1 scenario requires the attacker to take a Transport.

On the Rynn’s World Air War Campaign 6 additional scenarios, a Transport is required of the attacker in 3 scenarios, while Ground Defences are required of the defender in 2 scenarios, and a Bomber is required for the defender in an additional 2 scenarios.

This may direct your choices in terms of purchasing. For example if choosing Orks you will need to plan to purchase Eavy Bommers, or Grot Bommers for their Transport characteristic. For Imperial Navy you may want to look at Marauder Destroyers or Valkyrie Assault Carriers for Transport characteristics.

In each case, planning for having Ground Defenses is also worthwhile to open up some of the scenario options. This is definitely a challenge for some would-be Ork players.

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