Something Wicked this way comes

Earlier this year I picked up a Warband for Warhammer Underworlds, the Wurmspat. It’s a three model warband from the Nurgle faction from Age of Sigmar. They remained unpainted, which is not all that remarkable for my models, but in the past week I took paintbrush in hand and painted them up. For me, I find an important step I have to take before I tackle a model is to have a sense of what the model will look like – the colours I will use and the ‘effects’ I want to achieve.

I was browsing the range of paints from the Army Painter and came across a group of colours which have a great turquoise blue element – Royal Cloak and Hydra Turquoise. I wanted to use these colours and thought the topknot on the helm of one of the Wurmspat figures would be a good piece to paint that colour. I also knew I wanted to avoid the traditional drab green used for Nurgle armies and instead decided to go with a bone coloured armor.

With my plan now in place for some of the main colours I took some time to examine the models and think about what other colours would fit into the scheme. The models are all quite distinct but there are common aspects and areas where they can be tied together by painting certain elements in the same manner.

I also decided to paint these charmers with the Army Painter paints, this time looking to go a bit beyond my previous efforts and start to employ some additional techniques such as edge highlighting and also putting more effort into the base coats before applying the washes. Starting with a Skeleton Bone primer spray (which is a really nice smooth primer colour) which gave me a nice base to work from particularly as some of the colours I would use are lighter. I went a bit further than previously in applying the base coats this time layering up reds over the cloth elements to get some deep shadows and some nice right red colour on the models which really stands out against the light colour of the flesh and armor.

I think I made a bit of a mistake on the flesh tones – in that they are too close to the armor colour. It looks better in person than on the photographs but I had thought of doing a more blue-ish hue to the skin / flesh areas and looking back I think that would have really been better.

I was particularly happy with the bases, using some basing elements (Deadland tufts from Army Painter) and autumn leaves from Greenstuff World, really adds a bit of colour and variety to the bases. Basing material is worth every penny.

In any case I was really happy with the result. I really enjoyed painting these models, which was a surprise as I usually am not a fan of the nurgle faction miniatures from Games Workshop – which is clearly no longer the case as I really like these ones.

Working with the Army Painter paints and their painting system was a big contributor to that enjoyment. I like the brightness and vibrancy of a lot of their colours, which you can bring down with washes but also enrich the colour with the washes.

Looking forward to the next project I work on.

A quick note on Warhammer Underworlds. A friend got me into this game two seasons ago and GW have just this month released Season 4 – Direchasm. It’s a fantastic strategic game but I have to give special mention to the quality of the models that are made for this game. You get excellent minis in the Warbands, which are really high quality and great fun to paint and use. I absolutely recommend the game.

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