Morgok’s Krushas – Warband for Underworlds

I recently painted up the Warhammer Underworlds Warband Morgok’s Krushas.

Ready for action!

I did enjoy painting up these miniatures, again I used the Army Painter range for the entire project. There were a few elements I knew I wanted on these models which helped me plan the miniatures.

I knew I wanted to go with a strong green colour for the skin tones. I used Greenskin as the base colour, shaded with green tone, and then highlighted up with Goblin Green and then Snake Scales at the very tips.

Work in progress on the skin tones

I knew I wanted to go for snowy bases, which meant with a light colour on the base I wanted deeper shades on the armour. I aimed for a dark grey and dark red. Although the base colours when applied were not too dark, I applied a good coverage of Dark Tone wash to the armour areas. It helped to really develop shadows and enrich the colour, especially the red.

Dark Tone wash helped to really define the armour

I enjoyed painting these miniatures. The range of miniatures for the Warhammer Underworlds games are of a very high standard. There is a lot of personality in the miniatures, very dynamic poses, and lots of interesting detail when you get into painting them. You also get the option to paint a few models from different factions giving great variety to the range and the hobby. My only regret is I have not had a chance to play this war band yet as I think the cards that accompany them make for a really great style of play in the game. I’m very much looking forward to trying them out and happy to have a painted war band ready to go.

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