Blood Angels Reinforcements – pt 1

It’s difficult to say that I’ve been participating in a Warhammer 40k Crusade campaign – as we have all been in lockdown. It’s still an accurate statement, it’s just that the campaign is focussing more on the hobby side of building and painting models rather than playing – due to the restrictions in place on social interactions.

Keeping up motivation for a game and project can be difficult when you are not able to really engage in the project – by actually playing the games. Games are made to be played after all. Noticing I was in a bit of a lull I decided to set myself some goals of painting one unit over the course of two weeks. I achieved more than that.

First up was a unit of Incursors. These are a Troop type unit who have the ability to forward deploy outside of your deployment zone. I definitely see these working in a Blood Angels Army, grabbing table position quickly and (hopefully) setting the tempo of the battle by creating a zone where combat will take place. Also I really like the look of the models with their tactics-cool armour.

Over the course of the two weeks I painted up that unit. Following the same techniques I used for my other Blood Angels. It was nice to see them come together. They are great models and will be a go to choice for me for use in many games.

Blood Angels Incursors
Blood Angels Incursors. 4th Company 18th Squad

With the wind in my sails I didn’t let up, the weekend I completed the Incursors I immediately turned my attention to a character model. In this case it was a Primaris Librarian.

I really enjoyed painting this guy and he came together really well for me. Again a good unit that brings a lot to the table and I can see him getting plenty of game time. This was a different model to paint as I had to move away from the Chapter Red Armour and instead paint the Librarian blue armour. I thought the model would have been more difficult to paint but the robes were more straightforward than I thought.

Space Marine Librarian
Space Marine Librarian of the Blood Angels Chapter

At the end of the two weeks I had painted a full squad and a character. That’s solid progress to add to the army. It also fired up my painting vibe which carried on … to be featured in the next blog post.

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