Blood Angels Reinforcements – pt 2

Not one to let a good burst of momentum go, after completing my squad of Incursors and a Librarian character for my Blood Angles army – the challenge I had set for myself. I used my new found motivation to tackle a few other units. First up were the Bladeguard. These are fantastic miniatures and took a fair bit of work. But I was really delighted with the outcome, they are a strong unit in a Blood Angels army which favours melee units.

Really delighted with how these came out. I have another three Bladeguard to paint and look forward to adding those models to the collection.

With those out of the way I started work on some Blood Angels Death Company, these are signature models for the Blood Angels and unique to the army. I knew I wanted a good squad of them and had some models I had started painting some time ago but never really got going on them. Now was the time to tackle them. After a few first passes though, things slowed down. They are very detailed miniatures with lots of elements, I kept finding areas where I had made mistakes or missed a piece.

Working on Death Company

When my son asked could we paint a Primaris Lieutenant figure he had it was a perfect distraction for me, I also had a Primaris Lieutenant to paint. We could work alongside each other and that would give me a break from the Death Company.

Primaris Lieutenants from the Blood Angels and Ultramarines chapter

I spent some time bringing my Lieutenant on over the course of the day and completed the mini that evening. It came out really well and was a lot of fun to paint. Another HQ unit to add to the collection, and a bonus mini done that I had not planned to complete!

With the Lieutenant finished it was time to complete those Death Company. Towards the end it became a bit of a chore, but I was determined to finish the models and not leave them half done. In the end the result was not as clean as I had hoped for, although they still look good in a unit.

I reminded myself that not all my battle line troops will be painted to the highest standard – they just need to be tabletop worthy. Save the extra effort for the character models.

Blood Angels Death Company

All in all it was a very productive few weeks. Two new units added and two characters. Good progress by any measure.

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