Blood Bowl teams

After some time I did manage to finally finish off my undead team. I was really happy with the result. The colour scheme is bright (for undead models) and brings out some of the goofy theme (less serious and grim dark) of Blood Bowl.

As with many Games Workshop models the detail of the sculpts is really high. Sometimes you really only start to appreciate the details when you are painting them and really discovering some of the elements. My favourite sculpts here were the zombies which just ooze character.

To paint these I used the Army Painter range of paints.

Speaking of less serious models and those that emphasise the goofy character, my next project for Blood Bowl is a Snotling Team.

Blood Bowl, as a specialist game, really appeals to me. Not only as its a fun game to play but also because you can collect a number of teams from different factions giving you the chance to paint many different models in different styles. My current roster includes painted teams for Wood Elves and Undead, and unpainted (various stages of progress) teams including Snotlings, Necromantic Horror, Ogres, Dwarfs, Lizardmen and the Human and Orc teams from the boxed set (last edition).

Back to the Snotlings. I took a handful of the Snotlings one weekend and settled in with some Army Painter paints and went at them. Love how they came out. I wanted to have a ‘goofy’ team in my roster that I can roll out some evening. I think it’s good to play competitively, but its also really important to sometimes play a game that you are most likely to lose, but to have fun doing so.

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