Sylvaneth Army – From Warcry to Age of Sigmar

I really like the Sylvaneth models. I’m quite certain I’m not alone in this regard. The ‘living tree spirits’ make for some very interesting and cool looking models. From the Dryads, through the Revenants and larger Kurnoth Hunters, up to the Treelords. There are many textures in the models, from the gnarled wood to the wispy ethereal forms of the Tree Revenants.

I decided last year to make a Warcry warband of Sylvaneth. During lockdown I picked up a few boxes and painted an hand full of Dryads and Revenants, with a couple of Kurnoth Hunters added in to give the Warband some punch. I have always planned to move this Warband up to an Age of Sigmar army, initially starting at 1000 points for some smaller games.

Motivation for a project like that is relatively low though as there are no playing opportunities during the pandemic lockdown. But we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel, and there is a possibility of some games towards the later part of the year.

Of all the different systems I have available to play, I’m definitely behind on Age of Sigmar in that I cannot field a fully painted army for that system. Time to get on top of that and check the box on the hobby to-do list by completing the 1,000 points fo Sylvaneth.

There is quite a bit for me to get through – I need to finish my unit of Kurnoth Hunters, and paint a second unit. I need to paint up three character models, one of which is a Treelord Ancient – so quite a large model and I need to paint up the ‘additional’ elements of the army – which are significant in a Sylvaneth force. This includes 9 Awakened Wyldwood Trees as scenery pieces (which are really important to the Sylvaneth army and how they play) and a further 16 Dryads – which are needed as the army summons units of Dryads as an ability during the game so you need a pool of extra models to draw from.

For painting armies I really find it important to set yourself the standard of ‘good enough’ or ‘tabletop ready’. Not every miniature should be winning painting awards. When you set down a unit on the battlefield, and look at it from a distance, if it looks good then it’s a job well done.

I’ve a few weeks to try and reach this goal, the thought of painting the trees is a little daunting, but I’m looking forward to completing this project.

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