Let’s get some games going …

As society is finally starting to reopen in this part of the world, I’m really keen to get some games going and put all these minis I painted to good use.

There are a few events I am organising. The first is a small Warhammer 40k event for just 4 friends. I have booked a hotel venue for the day. Looking forward to this as we will have time for 2 full games I think, the first at 2,000 points – I will be using my Blood Angels, and also time for a 1,000 point game in which I will be using my Tyranids.

The Tyranid army I have is made up of models I had – which were bought to use as a ‘bad guy faction’ which can be deployed against my son’s Ultramarines – which I have now put more thought into and built out the force. I’ve had quite some fun preparing for the game day – I’m not finished yet but down to the last few models to paint to complete the 2,000 pt and 1,000 pt forces.

The key to the Tyranid army was settling on a painting technique / plan which would allow me to paint many of the smaller models but could also be used for the larger models. For this I went with Army Painter and the Skeleton Bone spray which is given a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone (diluted 2:1 with the Quickshade mixing medium).

I have a few more units to complete for the Blood Angels, in particular some HQ units. These are a priority for next month, some of my other projects will need to take a back seat.

The 40k day is in August, in September its a Warcry tournament – the clash of the lockdown warbands. This is a larger event – up to 20 people. I’m really not certain what Warband to bring to this – I’m leaning towards my Sylvaneth or possible some Ossiarch Bonereapers (my new project).

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