Project planning – knowing where to go

A short post on my slow grow Ossiarch Bonereapers and planning the way forward.

While the first step is to plan the units you want and the purchasing plan (in my case I spread it out over 7 months and worked out a budget to cover it all), it’s also really important to know how to paint it – what the approach will be.

There are a few options available to me, I don’t use an airbrush so it will be a rattle can spray and brush in hand approach! The question then is whether I go with a contrast approach, a classic approach, or lean into my Army Painter approach.

There are merits to all and drawbacks to all.


Arguably contrast provides the quickest approach, with Ossiarch Bonereapers there is a lot of bone areas to paint – contrast can provide an option not only for the obvious skeleton horde contrast paint but also other paints such as aggaros dunes can be used in places to give different shades of bone.

Contrast paints also have some great colours available for elements – such as akhelion green for cloth areas etc. The only concern is that it can result in pooling if not careful.


The classic approach is building off a base of Zandri Dust. There is a little more work in painting through this method, but there is also more flexibility in terms of layers and colours. You can do a lot more given the very wide range of colours available allowing you to really lean into different techniques and play with different shades and colour combinations.

Army Painter

I really enjoy the Army Painter technique and the primer sprays they make are really useful for a base colour that can built upon. I used this to great effect with my Tyranids where the Army Painter skeleton bone spray was the primer and base for the entire army.

Where next?

For this project I’m leaning towards using a mix of Contrast and Classic – using the Contrast approach to get the bone sections done along providing me options for cloth areas and other elements. I can then build on top of that with the classic method.

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